SB 119/HB 523

This is a set of bills we are still working on to get amended or struck down. This is a licensure bill that would make all manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, storage facilities and distributors have a license to do business within Maryland. The MVA is fine with having to get licenses with these entities but this bill go far beyond getting a simple license.


It also:


-Puts onerous daily reporting requirements on the vapor industry

-Bans online sales and makes online retail and shipping a felony charge of 2yrs in prison

-Makes getting a county license prohibited if you have a felony record

-Makes intrastate and out of state vapor commerce cumbersome, confusing and difficult which would greatly limit access to vapor products and limit sales potentially putting Maryland vapor businesses out of business.

-Puts harsh penalties on not complying with the licensure requirements

-Puts onerous requirements of vehicle drivers delivering vapor products from one site to another